PURA Cool The PURA Cool is an economical bottle-free cooler product. The treatment system is mounted remotely and the cooler provides
hot and cold filtered drinking water in a basic yet sturdy platform.


The PURA Max bottle-free cooler is a product with a modern look and feel suitable for business and homes, but without the added
ultraviolet option of the Max Plus model. 


PURA Max Plus
The PURA Max Plus includes a system which re-circulates water from the cold reservoir past an ultraviolet sterilization lamp for
continual sanitation. The Max Plus has a modern look and feel that is suitable for both business and home environments.


PURA Max Ultimate
With advanced features such as “in tank” UV Sanitation and bioCote to inhibit biological growth, the PURA Ultimate provides an endless
supply of water with safety and security. The Ultimate modern and yet robust appeal and function is perfect for installation in all