Water Softeners and Ultra Violet Disinfections Systems are just some of the products we carry. We also supply a wide range of cartridge filters for most water filtration systems including 3M & Everpure Systems.

Abro Water Technician Services in Kelowna is proud to carry Canadian-owned Waterite water treatment, conditioning and purifying products. For years our customers have been pleased with their Waterite products and so are we.

Based in Winnipeg, Waterite is backed not only by the Better Business Bureau but is also a member of the Canadian Water Quality Association.

⇒ Includes Stop Flow Interrupter!

Reverse Osmosis Faucets & More

The designer RO Faucet series comes in nine beautiful finishes to match today’s designer kitchens. Faucets are the best alternative to upgrading the existing basic faucets in your home. These faucets are unique quarter-turn faucets that come in two designs and six different finishes. NSF-approved and lead-free.

Chlorine-Removing Shower Filters Available for both hand-held and wall-mounted shower heads, they are able to remove over 98% of chlorine. With 5-function massage heads. These units replace your existing shower head in a few minutes.

WE SELL Suresoft® Extra Course Solar Salt

Water Treatment Chemicals

PRO Products

RES CARE® All purpose liquid softener cleaner, restores water softener efficiency.

RUST OUT® Water softener rust remover, maintains performance of softeners on iron bearing water.

PRO BAN-T® Alkline water neutralizer & cleaner. Water softener tannin & iron removal cleaner that is specially formulated to effectively lower ph and remove tannin and iron from fouled water softeners.

NEUTRA 7® Eliminate acid water, prevents corrosion in water systems.